This is the right time to invest into Real Estate in Turkey. Due to the changes in economic conditions, investment cost has been reduced by 50%. This is a great advantage to invest real estate business in Turkey.

For example; few years ago theresa’s 280 to 350 months of depreciation values in the city of Istanbul; a city lying on two continents. Nowadays the rate had decreased dramatically which makes the investments a lot easier. Currently there is 144-200 months depreciation costs in Istanbul.

If you ask how the exact cost has been determined; we have an answer for that. There are simply 3 ways to determine the cost of property.

1. Cost of actual construction plus cost of land

2. Comparison of real estates

3. Rental income

Especially when we talk about cities such as Istanbul, we can really figure out that there are huge differences in terms of depreciations so we may need additional information.

You can easily discover the easiness of investment in real estate. Our expertise is Commercial Investment and Real Estate sales. That’s why we need to cost of m2 in every corner of large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir. The remaining is only comparison of cost of construction+land as well as comparison of properties which makes us faster on making a decision of filtering properties.

If you are seriously considering buying / renting properties in Turkey, we would be pleased to extend our services and ask your references in return. Please fill the Contact Form or you can simply go to HOMEPAGE” to get detailed information.

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